Druid in the employ of the Merchant Prince


Drow Elementalist

Level: 10

STR: 10 (+0/+10)
CON: 18 (+4/+15)
DEX: 19 (+4/+15) (Initiative bonus: +19)
INT: 12 (+1/+11)
WIS: 19 (+4/+15)
CHA: 10 (+0/+10)

Hit Points: 286 (+Toughness Feat)


Armor Class: 28/29 (with shield)
Physical Defense: 25
Mental Defense: 27 (Narrative resistance to tentacles)

Recoveries: 8 – d8x10+4 – used: 0

One Unique Thing

Scion of the Thin Place


Guardian of the Breach x2
Waterborn x3
Water & Power Employee x1
Someone Else’s Memories x2

Icon Relationships

Merchant Prince x3 (Ambiguous) – 1 × 5
Trickster – 1 × 5


Leather Armor (+2 to AC)

Magic Items:
Bracelet: +1 to attack, poison a phial of water once per day.

  • Spider poison: looks like a stroke
  • Basilisk poison: ???

Braclet of Atarvish Black: +2 to attack

  • Once per day, can absorb half the damage done to ally

Healing Potion x4

  • recovery+4d8, max 130 hp

Basic Attacks

Melee: +16, hit: 10W miss: 10
Ranged: +16, hit: 10W+4, miss: 10

Racial Powers

Once per battle, deal ongoing damage to a target you hit with a natural even attack roll as a free action. The ongoing damage equals 5 times your level. A normal save (11+) ends the damage. A critical hit doesn’t double this ongoing damage.
Champion Feat: Once per day you can instead use Cruel to deal 5 ongoing damage per level against a target you have missed or had a natural odd roll against. (Yes, even with a natural 1.)

Elemental Soul
You can breathe water. In addition, once per battle (or every 5 minutes,) you can do some sort of non-damage-dealing trick manipulating water, if there’s some in the room (fling water around, or condense it from the air, or other creative things you can think of.)

Class Features

Elemental Bond
You have Resistance 16+ to the Fire, Negative, and Thunder energy types. In addition, your Elementalist powers do Cold, Negative, or Thunder damage.
Adventurer Feat: Your resistance is now 16+
Champion Feat: Add a second damage type. Choose one damage type for you Elementalist powers each time you use them.
Epic Feat: Add an additional damage type.

Elemental Manipulation
Once per battle (or about once a minute out of battle), you can manipulate the elements as a standard action, in the following fashion:

  • Freeze one small source (a bucket or puddle) of normal water, or quench one nearby, mundane flame of campfire size or less.
  • Manipulate, at a distance, any one small nearby item for one round.


Eyes of Water
If you do not move on your turn, you may use one far away and substantial source of water that you can see (a bucket of water, etc.) as if it were your location for purposes of vision. If you have the World Step talent, you must choose the same element.
Adventurer Feat: You may hear using this talent.

World Stride: Water
Once per battle as a move action, you may teleport to a nearby location you can see that is adjacent to a significant source of water (a bucket of water etc.).

Icy Aura
While you are conscious and not stunned, deal your Wisdom x3 (12) modifier in damage to each enemy who hits you with a melee attack and rolls an odd attack roll. This damage hits the enemy after their attack damages you.

Weapon of Ice
As a free action, you can summon an Elemental Weapon, one of the following (chosen when you gain this talent):

  • A 1d6 light/simple weapon that can be thrown at nearby targets, or at far away targets (-2 atk).
  • A 1d8 heavy/martial weapon.
  • A 1d10 heavy/martial two-handed weapon.

If the weapon is one-handed, you may also summon either a second weapon or a shield (again, choose when this talent is selected). When you gain this talent, choose untyped (a weapon of wood, stone or metal) or choose cold, fire, or lightning — the weapon (and your Elementalist powers) does damage of that type, or the type stipulated by your Elemental Bond (your choice on each use). The weapon discorporates at the end of the battle, and usually may not be used by others.
Adventurer Feat: You may summon a weapon of any of the above sizes, as well as a second weapon or a shield.
Champion Feat: You may create a weapon of one different damage type (including untyped).
Epic Feat: The weapon damage increases by one step.


Flash Freeze
Recharge 16+ after battle
Quick action
Effect: Until the end of the battle, you may make the following attack:
Melee or Ranged Attack
Target: One enemy
Attack: +16 vs. AC
Hit: 10W +12 damage, and on a natural even attack roll, the target takes ongoing damage (of the same type as the attack, if any) equal to twice your level. The ongoing damage does not stack with ongoing damage of the same type.
Miss: 10

Corona of Ice
Quick Action
Effect: Until the end of your next turn, any creature that ends its turn engaged with you takes 3x your Wisdom modifier + Level in damage (22).

Recharge 16+ after battle
Quick action
Effect: Until the end of the battle, you may make the following attack:
Close-quarters attack
Target: 1d3 nearby enemies in a group
Attack: +16 vs. PD
Hit: 10W damage
Miss: 10

Shield of Water
Recharge 16+
Interrupt Action
Trigger: An attack that targets AC hits you.
Effect: The attacker must reroll the attack with a -2 penalty, and until the start of your next turn, each attack that targets your AC take a -2 penalty. In addition, you lose your standard action on your next turn.
Until the end of the battle, you may reuse this power as a free action.
Adventurer Feat: You instead lose your move action rather than your standard action.

Icy Grasp
Melee or ranged attack
Target: 1d3 nearby enemies in a group
Attack: +16 vs. PD
Hit: 10w +12 damage, and the target cannot move or use move actions on their next turn.
Miss: Half damage, and the target loses its next move action.

Mountain Fall
Melee or ranged attack
Target: One nearby enemy
Attack: +16 vs. AC
Hit: 10W + 10W + 14
Miss: Half Damage.

Melee attack
Target: One creature with less than 500 hp.
Attack: +16 vs. MD
*Hit: *Target loses the use of any spell, power, or ability that has a damage type you have Elemental Bond with (hard save ends).
Miss: Target is dazed.


A few years ago, Zhor Cuetzpal was a mediocre sorceress working for Saerzra at the Spider and Fly. Then she accepted a job offer from the Merchant Prince. She quit her job at the Spider and Fly, changed her name to Lear, and hasn’t looked back since.

Lear’s skin is marked with the golden tattoos of protection that shield (and identify) all of the Water and Power druids who manipulate the energies of The Gate.


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