The Trickster


When you think you hear someone talking in the next room while you’re alone in the house at night, that’s the Trickster. When you’re carrying your best harvest ever to market and you break an axle, that’s the Trickster. When that arrogant councilman gets shamed out of office by a drug scandal, that’s the Trickster. Perhaps no other merely mortal creature has attracted as much mythology to herself as this woman, possibly because she’s so approachable. Disdaining court, cult, or college, the Trickster travels and works alone (she has her agents, of course, but you’d never know who they are), and if you petition her and you sound just, humble, and most important, interesting, she just may right a wrong or two for you.


The Herald and the Merchant Prince both know how to throw a party. The Priestess isn’t a bad kid, though she’s kind of a buzzkill. And for some reason, if you can get the Invoker to personally make a request of the Trickster, she’ll never refuse.


The Emperor has a stick up his ass the size of his imperial scepter, and the Great Spirit is an enemy of fun. Other noted jerkfaces: the Leader, the Magician. The Trickster is easily swayed with strangers, but never forgets a favor or a grudge.

The True Danger

Everything will be all right as long as the Trickster doesn’t let her love of excitement push her into instigating something she really, really shouldn’t.

Interest in Vegas

The Trickster has a suite permanently reserved for her in the drow casino and she is there often; it’s one of the few places where you can reliably get a message to her. She loves everything about Vegas; the gambling, the opulence, the players getting played. It’s her kind of town.

The Trickster

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