The Treaty of Independence

The Treaty of Independence, signed first by the Priestess and the Dragon Emperor, and later, after varying degrees of negotiation, by the Herald, the Invoker, the Silver Lodge, the Circle, several (but not all) major agents of the Great Spirit, and the Merchant Prince, sets out a series of norms to which peaceful peoples are expected to behave. Its primary tenets are as follows:

1) No aggressing the territory of another signatory to the treaty who is in compliance with its tenets
2) No chattel slavery
3) No sacrifice of unwilling sentients
4) No use of necromancy on someone who does not consent
5) No cooperation with demons or abberants

Despite the prohibition of slavery, the Merchant Prince and the Herald both make use of the practice of indenture; in the Herald’s territory, it’s rigorously enforced and checked for fairness, but the Merchant Prince can never resist getting as good a deal as he can manage, and that culture trickles down in Vegas.

The rules about consent and necromancy have led to an entire branch of law in the cities of the Invoker based around the establishment of consent. It’s like estate planning, with more seances.

Non-signatories to the treaty: The Trickster has no territory to protect, and says requiring anything more than her word that she won’t adhere is offensive. The Order Cult, which holds a significant territory to the west of Las Vegas, claims (loudly) that the treaty is an attempt to trick them into lowering their defenses, since all the other Icons dream of nothing besides the destruction of their glorious leader. The Army of Io thinks of the peoples of the north as ants, and the Lich Queen and the Magician are basically the people the treaty is trying to protect everyone FROM.

Technically, everyone is supposed to enforce the treaty, but it’s the Priestess who takes it most seriously. If she had proof of a violation, she’d prefer to take care of it herself, or bring in the Dragon Emperor if she had to.

The Treaty of Independence

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