The Preceptor of the Silver Lodge


After the Dragon Crisis, the first formal joint request of the Emperor and the Priestess was to the Preceptor of the Hermetic Order of the Silver Twilight (colloquially referred to as the ‘Silver Lodge’) asking him and his order to pull up stakes in Arkham and rebuild the destroyed Institute for Magical Studies in Independence. Now housed over a vast source of magical power, the Lodge is best equipped to both study its secrets and defend them from others.


The Emperor has personal history with the Preceptor and trusts him implicitly, and the Priestess does as well, at least publicly.


The Circle’s dedication to freedom of information is fundamentally incompatible with the secretive nature of the Silver Lodge. In addition, while the Preceptor officially states that nothing in their libraries shall be shared with anyone outside the Lodge, the Magician’s sizable cache of forbidden secrets is a tempting prize. There are those in the Lodge who are attempting to sway the Preceptor into cutting a deal with her.

The True Danger

Everything will be all right as long as the Preceptor holds firm against the faction in his Lodge favoring cutting a deal with the Magician.

Interest in Vegas

The thin place at the heart of Vegas is a source of power; everyone understands that, but the Merchant Prince and the Trickster only see how it can be monetized. The Preceptor is a subtle man, and he looks deeper…what he does with what he sees will depend strongly on who is advising him.

The Preceptor of the Silver Lodge

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