The Merchant Prince


The patron saint of Las Vegas, the Merchant Prince came to this town when it was just a hole called Glitter Gulch, said, ‘I can do this better’, and proceeded to. He cut a deal with the drow and devil casino owners, brought in the Herald as a backer for a new project, and slowly but surely made Vegas into a town where you can get pretty much anything, if the price is right.


You can’t trade without partners! The Merchant Prince’s emporiums are stocks with goods from all over the continent. His willingness to cut a deal makes him one of the primary sources of coin for the more isolated Icons, like the Magician and the Lich Queen.


The Merchant Prince is the new kid in town and he hasn’t gotten there by making enemies. He’s willing to deal with literally anyone; that makes some of the more principled Icons, like the Priestess and the Great Sprit, disdainful and wary.

The True Danger

Everything will be all right as long as the Merchant Prince’s deals keep benefitting the forces of stability as much as they do the forces of chaos.

Interest in Vegas

Las Vegas is the Merchant Prince’s creation and his home territory. He aspires to the position of power broker in the southwest, and he will sink any amount of resources necessary into this monument to his power.

The Merchant Prince

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