The Magician


The physical body of the Magician is that of an attractive young human woman, but the spirit which inhabits it is almost certainly much older, and may not even have been born in this world. It is rumored that it comes from the same realm that unleashed the beholder army during the Dragon Crisis, and it is willing to tear this world apart if that’s what it takes to return home. Somehow, she still manages to attract a stable of acolytes who wish to pursue power unhampered by social strictures or basic morality. Her tower is high in the western mountains and very few visit willingly.


Scouts of the Circle have seen envoys from the General enter the Magician’s tower and leave with the same number of limbs. She’s also capricious: certain unexpected things seem to trigger soft feelings in her; young boys, the color yellow.


There is something in the possession of the Silver Lodge (they refuse to say what) that the Magician wants more than anything else; she has threatened to destroy them on several occasions but has never carried it out. The Circle sees themselves as an opposing force to the Magician, hoping if she is defeated the Lodge will no longer be necessary.

The True Danger

Everything will be all right as long as the Magician doesn’t get hold of the secrets the Preceptor is charged with keeping.

Interest in Vegas

The Magician and the Preceptor are both well aware of the possibilities inherent in the thin place, but while the Preceptor has the knowledge needed to utilize it but not the will, the Magician has the will but lacks access to the secrets the Preceptor has learned through years of study in Independence. If she ever got access to the Preceptor’s library, even for an hour, she would almost certainly move on Las Vegas. What exactly she would do is unknown, but it would almost certainly not be pleasant.

The Magician

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