The Lich Queen


In a crumbling slave keep in the Invoker’s swamps, the Lich Queen sits and broods over her fate. Once uncontested master of the desert wastes, she has been reduced to a refugee and most of her loyal servants have been destroyed. Her agenda, if you believe the ghost stories, is nothing more than conquest of all of Turtle Island, but to do that, she needs resources. Chief among these are powerful souls to replace her lost generals…


The Invoker’s people have a rich tradition of peaceful coexistence with the undead, so it’s not surprising that after several disheartening defeats the Lich Queen would seek asylum with her. How much the Invoker is aware of the Lich Queen’s long-term plans is an open question. She also finds the Order Cult’s voluntary sacrifice of willpower strangely compatible with her own philosophy and is considering the possibilities of an empire not entirely composed of the dead.


The Dragon Emperor, as mentioned above, passionately hates the Lich Queen and would give anything to have her destroyed. The Lich Queen’s devotion to dark gods (in addition to, you know, being undead) also puts her high on the most-wanted list of the Priestess.

The True Danger

Everything will be all right as long as the Lich Queen does not feel powerful enough to attempt spreading the extents of her influence beyond her sanctuary in the Invoker’s land.

Interest in Vegas

Las Vegas has the potential to become an entirely new power base with its own sphere of influence. If that sphere happens to be friendly to the undead, so much the better.

The Lich Queen

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