The Invoker


The Invoker is the guardian of what was known as the Southland before the integration of the Aztlan civilization into Northerners’ worldview. It’s a home to the African-descended people freed from slavery, some say by the Invoker herself, some say by a whirlwind God that ripped the slavers into shreds. She is always silent; her two-year-old daughter speaks for her. She has figured in story for hundreds of years. She offers refuge to anyone rejected by society at large, most notably the Lich Queen; the people of the Southland have a fairly laissez-faire attitude towards the once-living.


The Invoker didn’t give the Lich Queen sanctuary out of the goodness of her heart; having an ancient, ruthless, immortal wizard on your side is a pretty good way to discourage unwanted guests. Also, the story goes around that the Trickster owes her a couple favors.


The Invoker wants her people left alone to live as they choose. Anyone who tries to upend that is a threat. The Herald, of course, and also the Order Cult, but if the Emperor starts pushing too hard for her to give up the Lich Queen, he too could end up on her bad side.

The True Danger

Everything will be all right as long as the Invoker doesn’t take in the wrong strays.

Interest in Vegas

The Invoker’s interests are mostly regional in nature, but a group of Southlanders recently won the rights to restore the now-defunct Golden Vault casino and are steadily working on renovations; it has the potential to be a major revenue source and diplomatic outpost for the Invoker’s interests.

The Invoker

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