The High Priestess of the Triune Goddess


While many other gods in the European pantheon have their own high priests, the High Priestess of the Triune Goddess is unique in having expanded her interests so far into worldly matters. At the conclusion of the Dragon Crisis, the Triune Goddess (the Angel, the Devil, and the Wolf) came into being, replacing the dead god Erathis as the protector of civilization and mutual aid, and named the young dwarf, only ten at the time, her high priestess. She spent the next thirty years building bridges between the disparate communities in the North, and has brokered an alliance with the Emperor and many of the more regional powers (the Invoker is party to the treaty, the Order Cult is not). She is nearly universally respected for her fair-mindedness and her utter devotion to peace.


The alliance between the Emperor and the Priestess maintains the peace through the settled parts of the continent to the extent that it’s not uncommon to see dragonborn patrols keeping the peace in the North. While many distrust the Trickster’s ultimate motives, the Priestess swears that she has seen her heart and that it is pure.


The Priestess does not approve of the Merchant Prince’s dealing with the more villainous icons; she holds him responsible for the inflow of coin that feeds armies and cults. She also watches all parties to the Independence Accord closely for violations of its terms; anyone who dared, no matter how close an ally, would face her wrath.

The True Danger

Everything will be all right as long as the High Priestess remains an unimpeachable symbol of unity and impartiality among all peoples.

Interest in Vegas

The High Priest of the Triune in Las Vegas is a man with far more seniority than you would expect to see in such a small town. Absolutely no one would be surprised if he reports to his superiors on matters more substantive than the weekly tithe.

The High Priestess of the Triune Goddess

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