The Herald of Progress


The Herald rules the new and gleaming glass city of Progress, powered by industrialized magics, as its mayor and first citizen. He devotes his time and research to the betterment of humanity (the betterment of all sentient life!) in a diverse array of fields. He promises a better life to any creature that is willing to live in peace with others, and his new technologies are available to all. Most notable among these is the mechanical limbs and body parts he designed to replace those lost in war; in fact, some say the Herald himself is now more metal than man.


The Emperor is the Herald’s biggest customer; new weapons, medical technologies, travel rituals, all go to the Emperor’s patrols before anyone else, which rankles the Merchant Prince a bit, but he’s making coin hand over fist, so he doesn’t complain too loud or too often.


The Herald is a true believer in his way of life; he envisions a shining urban future for all of the continent. The Order Cult is the biggest threat to that way of life, but there’s also mistrust between him and the Great Spirit who fears his encroaching on her wilderness.

The True Danger

Everything will be all right as long as the Herald doesn’t carry his ‘progress’ so far as to destroy other ways of life.

Interest in Vegas

A bright, sparkling city created from nothing! Water flowing in the desert! Truly, this is the kind of miracle that can be accomplished with the will to succeed and good, old-fashioned hard work. The Herald is excited at the potential Las Vegas demonstrates to provide comfort in even the most inhospitable environments, though he may be a bit blind to the downsides that come along with them.

The Herald of Progress

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