The Great Spirit


The religions of the native peoples of Turtle Island are as diverse as the lands they inhabit; most peoples revere one or several ‘spirits of the land’. Most of these spirits of the land who deign to speak with mortals acknowledge a greater power, often called the Great Spirit, who oversees all. Some of them, most notably Spider Grandmother and White Buffalo Calf Woman, claim to speak for it and relay its will. Most of them time, they agree, and their demands are clear: live in harmony with the land and treat all creatures and even the rocks and streams as brothers and sisters.


The way of life the Invoker’s people lead is very similar to that the Great Spirit’s agents preach. Being native herself, the Priestess sees the native peoples as a critical constituency and has been able to negotiate autonomy and protection from development for large portions of the continent.


The Herald’s enthusiasm for improvement rankles at the Great Spirit; his cities and aqueducts alter the Earth. Its agents fear that regardless of the treaties, this is the shape of things to come. Anyone who deals with the unnatural, such as the Lich Queen or the Magician, is anathema, and even the Silver Lodge consorts too closely with strange magics for their comfort.

The True Danger

Everything will be all right as long as the Great Spirit’s agents don’t begin to see encroaching civilization as a threat to its wild lands.

Interest in Vegas

The Great Spirit disapproves strongly of the exploitation of the thin place; while the supply of water seems to be limitless and thus far there have been no major changes to the local environment, it fears it will ultimately upset the balance of the land.

The Great Spirit

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