The Glorious Leader of the Order Cult


The face of the Glorious Leader of the Order Cult is known to anyone who lives in an urban center; his followers plaster it up on blank walls almost faster than the authorities can tear them down. His movement exhorts mortals to willingly subsume their will unto that of the Leader, who will, well, lead them all to glory. This loss of will is more literal than perhaps many of the cult’s members had anticipated, but even so, the bliss and joy they preach attracts converts of every race, creed, and stripe, in sometimes alarming numbers.


The Order Cult gains followers by stealing them away from the other Icons, and as such does not make many friends. Undead are immune to the Leader’s charms, and so the Lich Queen is the only one to reach out to him.


Pretty much everyone considers Order Cult members vermin, but the Herald and the Circle see the Leader as a real threat and would destroy him if they could.

The True Danger

Everything will be all right as long as the Order Cult doesn’t grow so popular that it feels it has a mandate to enforce its way of life on the rest of the country.

Interest in Vegas

There are more losers than winners on the streets of Las Vegas, and the poor and desperate often make eager converts to the Glorious Leader’s faction.

The Glorious Leader of the Order Cult

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