The General of the Army of Io


The Army of Io is led by former members of the previous Dragon Empress’s personal retinue and composed of many former citizens of Aztlan, including a large number of dragons, who refuse to recognize the current Emperor. They still hope to manifest the Empress’s vision and restore the gods Bahamut and Tiamat to their original state, a single near-omnipotent god. Their general, a thousand-year-old red dragon, never leaves her fortress; actions in the North are limited to the occasional, but extremely destructive, act of sabotage.


The Merchant Prince claims he buys some of his more exotic poisons directly from the Army of Io, but he might just be trying to puff up the prices or his own reputation. The General sees the Magician as her most likely ally in the North, since she cares little for temporal power and the General has a trove of magical wealth seized from the Empress’s vault before vacating the capital city.


No target is too big for the General, and so the Emperor and the Herald come in for the worst of it. The Merchant Prince has thus far been unscathed.

The True Danger

Everything will be all right as long as the Army of Io doesn’t retake the Jade Throne, through conquest or by convincing enough of the empire that the Emperor is illegitimate.

Interest in Vegas

Vegas, with its audacious architecture and large numbers of tourists, would seem like an ideal target for the Army’s sabotage, but so far it hasn’t been hit. General consensus is that it’s only a matter of time, speculation the Merchant Prince works hard to tamp down.

The General of the Army of Io

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