The Dragon Emperor


For millennia, the Dragon Emperor (or Empress) has held the united allegiance of the lizard peoples of Aztlan: Dragonborn, kobold, yuan-ti, keeping their existence secret from the mostly mammalian folk to the north. Unlike the previous line of merely dragon-born emperors, this Emperor is truly a dragon’s soul in a mortal body. He has pledged himself to cleansing the corruptions introduced by the previous empress and her predecessors, but it is likely to be the work of centuries.


One of the Dragon Emperor’s first official acts was the signing of a nonaggression treaty with the High Priestess, and peace officially reigns between the two halves of the continent. The Emperor and the Trickster were both present at the resolution of the Dragon Crisis (on the same side even!) and he’s been known to call in a favor or two from her every now and again. What he offers in payment is anyone’s guess.


The Emperor has a hatred for the Lich Queen that some say passes beyond reason; he has sworn to destroy her and all the undead walking the world. This puts him in an uneasy tension with the Invoker, for whom many of the once-living are honored ancestors. The Army of Io, of course, would love nothing more than to retake the Jade Throne.

The True Danger

Everything will be all right as long as the Emperor’s attention is focused on maintaining the peace and not on hunting down the Lich Queen.

Interest in Vegas

The Dragon Emperor, focused as he is on the maintenance of the status quo, is no doubt watching events in Las Vegas carefully for any perceived challenges to the system.

The Dragon Emperor

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