The Center of the Circle


There is no group more dedicated to equality than the Circle. The original Circle was composed of extremely powerful magic users dedicated to hunting down others of their kind who used their power maliciously, but over the years became a more philosophical group devoted to the principle that each sentient life has equal value. They’ve never forgotten their militant roots, and the Center of the Circle, despite his tiny size, could still probably rip you into shreds with a single gesture.


The Circle respects the peace the Emperor and Priestess have brought; they see their role as a proactive complement, people to hunt the guilty rather than protect the innocent. Their need to range far and wide in the pursuit of evil has led them to take care to stay on good terms with the Great Spirit and the Invoker.


The Circle sees itself as the counterbalance to the Magician and her acolytes and try to thwart any action of hers they come across. While they acknowledge that only the Silver Lodge has the expertise needed to contain the rift over Independence, they mistrust their motives.


Everything will be all right as long as the Circle doesn’t start taking this ‘smash the hierarchy’ thing too literally.

Interest in Vegas

The Circle feels obligated to speak up for the common people who are being exploited by the Merchant Prince, and also to keep the Magician out of the city.

The Center of the Circle

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