Ulrica Starcaller

Ambitious Acolyte of the Magician


Analysis of the ciphered journals and missives left behind by Ulrica Starcaller at the Spider and Fly after her defeat indicates that her mission in Vegas was to find a way for the Magician’s forces to access either the Gate or one of the ley lines powering it. She, apparently, did this by: (1) creating a travel writer persona, Isidora Rose, (2) using this persona to steal the Eyes of the Deva from Bette at the Bright Tomorrow, and (3) performing some sort of scrying ritual that indicated a point within dwarven-carved tunnels under the city. This would have all gone swimmingly and probably raised her status within the coven considerably had she not been beaten into unconsciousness by Harley and subsequently devoured by forces best left unnamed.


Ulrica Starcaller

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