Second in command of the constabulary


Lazgar was brought into the Constabulary ostensibly to provide Chief Sheridan someone with a local perspective; she was born in an orc village about ten miles out of Las Vegas and came to the city when she came of age, opting for a better selection of career options than ‘seventh wife’ and ‘spit turner’. Despite many seeing her as sub-civilzed, she clawed her way up through the ranks to second-in-command through sheer force of competence and a fanatical devotion to the aspect of the Triune Goddess many call the Devil, who governs the punishment of the guilty.

Lazgar is much more concerned with justice in the abstract and much less concerned with political realities than her superior. This is either a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how much political realities tend to benefit you at the moment.


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