Gable Clifton

If his morals were as pure as his voice, no trouble would find him.


Tall and thin (for a Gnome), Gable has a practiced stage presence. Combined with his unnaturally perfect voice, he quickly became a rising star in the Vegas night. Many of his fans are confused by his sudden shift to opening for small timers, and why he is performing almost exclusively at the Hellfire Club.


Gable is a good guy at heart, but he has a talent for being in the wrong place at the right time. He was always adventurous, and got his start as an explorer who helped folks with more money than sense to find new natural wonders or old items of value.

He was on a trip with a well-funded but untrustworthy fellow who deceived them about the nature of the outing- he intended to steal the song of a siren. We got him to where she made her home, and he did some strange magic that actually worked, but as we fled (with the song sealed in flask) the ship got hit by the mother of all storms.

Gable woke from the shipwreck, alongside the bodies of several of the sailors. He found the flask with the song, along with some pretty threadbare supplies. They had washed up near some angry natives, and things looked bad for our Gnome. In his desperation he opened the flask, and drank down the song inside. He managed to talk his way out of being killed, and traded songs and stories for passage back home.

Its been about five years since he got the song. He made his way to Vegas, where a guy with a more than natural skill at singing can make a good dollar. He feels a bit bad about not having earned his gift, so he sometimes does some work for the Circle to even the scales. He started flirting with Rebeka, Bartholomeus’ daughter, more as a joke than anything else. He was shocked when she blushed. He started getting to know her, meeting in secret to avoid undue attention. They tumbled into bed a few times, and were just starting to talk about it being more than a fling when her dad found them out.

Now Gable works exclusively for the Hellfire Club, for a lot less than he used to make when he could shop himself around. Rebeka is rarely let out of the towers, and the big B’s people watch her like a hawk whenever she does. Gable is a little afraid he got played, and this was all a scam to get him in their debt. But it is still her face he sees when he tries to sleep at night, and he knows he is going to have to figure out a way into her tower suite.

Gable Clifton

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