Asher Macavoy

Slimy Water and Power manager


Asher Macavoy is the high-level administrator overseeing the Water and Power Company, tasked with maintaining a steady supply of clean water from the elemental plane of water through the thin place known to the locals as the Gate. He oversees approximately two dozen druids and elementalists and perhaps seventy non-magic-using staff who perform manual labor and administrative tasks. He’s a study in contradictions; he both lusts after and is terrified by women. Most of his, ahem, interactions take place with a rotating stream of women from Mother Mercy’s House of Hospitality, but he’s been branching out of late…

Macavoy asked Lear to bodyguard him at a performance of the Hellfire Revue, and was killed in the ensuing fracas. Nonetheless, as he was listed as the beneficiary of a first resurrection performed by one of the clerics, he’s up and kicking, if a bit grey around the gills.

Asher Macavoy

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